Experimental Plant, Ltd. is a multi-industry manufacturing enterprise located in Rezh, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia.

Our company successfully operates the market for more than 25 years in the following production industries:

  1. Stone equipment
  2. Agricultural machinery
  3. Rolling stock repair machinery
  4. Non-standard equipment

Our specialists render all range of services: equipment start in the customers, operating personnel education and instruction, warranty repairs and overhaul maintenance.

Experimental plant is one of the leaders of worlds stone equipment market for:

  1. extraction natural stone in quarries (chain saw cutting machines, drilling machines, diamond wire cutting machines);
  2. stone working (Bridge sawing machines, profiling machines, grinding machine)
  3. milling equipment (which produce cube-shaped crushed stone an irreplaceable component in road building);
  4. stone split machines (which produce paving stone)

Our equipment exploitation allows make maximum use of subsoil resources natural stone.

Experimental Plant supports national program on agricultural complex development, and pays special attention to producing reliable and high-productive machines at favourable price. Our company produces:

  1. seeding machines of various configuration;
  2. soil preparation machines;
  3. harrows;
  4. ploughs;
  5. seeding complexes (multiple-unit machines).

Applying Experimental Plant machines allows implementation resource and soil saving technologies. On customers request we produce wide-coverage and non-standard machines.

Specialists of enterprise have more than 30-years old experience in design and production of nonstandard and special-purpose equipment. Up to day NPO Experimental plant ltd produces equipment of any degree of complexity by customers drawings, samples, drafts, and also develops documentation by individual requirements specification.

Since 1998 on the plant was started development of new production direction production of rolling stock repair machines. Up to day we have produced more than 400 machines for freight wagon bogies repair. Machines of Experimental plant work on railroad car-repair plants all over Russia and also in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Estonia.

Experimental Plant is a team of well-consolidated professionals; we provide personal service to work out your aims. Long productive and friendly relations with our customers and the geography of our clients all regions of Russia, the Baltics and CIS, Italy, Finland, Thailand, Sudan, Nigeria and ect. can tell about our work.

Experimental Plant work and its production many times were high apprechiated and were awarded. In 2003 Experimental Plant was honoured by highest public reward Russian National Olympus.